Thoughts on databases

You would think that databases are all abstracted away by now. However, I find myself dabbling in them once again…

  • MySQL
    • Very first DB
  • PostgreSQL
    • SQL DB
    • Better reputation than MySQL
  • MongoDB
    • First NoSQL DB I used
    • monglab is a nice Mongo-as-a-service
    • Used it to store files as well, not too successful
    • Mongoose as ODM in node
    • No joins, akward combining of data
  • Redis
    • Key-value store
    • Seems to run on Synology
  • RethinkDB
    • DB with push mechanism
  • HSQL
    • SQL DB
    • In-memory
    • Used by NS in Prime-Radiant
    • To be explored…
Thoughts on databases

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